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Family trees

by Matthieu GIROUX

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I am glad to announce you that i am on the good way to share the sources of a family tree software project

The components of Freelogy year 2009 project can now make a very good family tree software, called Ancestromania.


When you update to version 2014.1.b5.170 you must migrate old database with this program on 32 bits Windows or 32 bits Wine.

We are searching Mac OSX and english or international traducers for this project. Traducing is prepared.

Empty database


JPEG - 290.1 kb
Ancestromania (Cliquez sur l’image pour agrandir)


You can create a Family’s Tree Web Site with AncestroWeb. The software shows archives and a names’ map.


Creating a plugin

Install Tortoise Hg form this web site or from your packages manager.

Contact Liberlog to be added to maintainers of project.


You can begin to participate here.

We are searching english traducers or administers for large sharing for these LGPL and GPL projects.

info portfolio

Ancestroweb Names' map

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